Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the 'Couple of Friends' show! Six unique hip-hop artists have had the opportunity to each create an amazing music video! Watch the videos and the behind the scenes, and be sure to vote for your favorite before May 1st! The winner will receive their very own record deal!

Check back here for new 'behind the scenes' episodes and updates!

Have fun, laugh, and be sure to check out OUR CAUSE!

Episode One! MC Squared Meets the Robot!

MC Squared Meets the Robot in the Ragin' Dog Records conference room.


Here are the contestants and music videos:


"Me and My Homies"

Robot's Myspace

"In Tha Lab"

MC Squared's Myspace


Paul Jones's Myspace

"Ho Down"

Erika America's Myspace

"Area 51"

Alien?'s Myspace

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