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This blog is intended to educate and ensure a COLORFUL and freethinking future, and above all to prioritize public school education, especially creative education.

As an example, the Santa Ana Unified School District, the largest school district in Orange County, CA, is facing a dismantle of their music program by 2010. They are relying on private funding and support to maintain even a semblance of their arts programs, which have dwindled to nothing in the sour economy.

Check out frequent new posts here concerning the situation in Santa Ana, and what it means to lose music and creative education in school.

Our ultimate goal is to sell the 'Couple of Friends' program in some fashion, whether it is ad revenue or branded characters, with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to the Santa Ana Unified School District. This project was created by a massive amount of dedicated students, working for free, to create entertainment aimed at bringing attention to the situation in Santa Ana.

So have some fun, watch some videos, vote on your favorite artists, and help save music in public education.

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The Principle Speaks, So Listen!

A Music Hero

Name: Herman Mendez
Position: Assistant Superintendent of Santa Ana Unified

The Bottom Line Facts


The district is facing a sharp decline in overall funding, yet the music budget seems to take an even further dig. While the entire budget is decreasing by 5-10 percent, the music budget is continually cut in half. Below is a series of ‘straight from the district’ facts about the decline of music over the past six years.

Santa Ana Unified

Santa Ana Unified School district is the seventh largest school district in California, and the largest in Orange County. Santa Ana has a student population of 54,00 students, 95 percent of which are Hispanic. The district is the number one port of entry for English language learners in the United States. The district has the largest freestanding deficit, before the already significant budget slice, which has put the quality of education in jeopardy.

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