Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the 'Couple of Friends' show! Six unique hip-hop artists have had the opportunity to each create an amazing music video! Watch the videos and the behind the scenes, and be sure to vote for your favorite before May 1st! The winner will receive their very own record deal!

Check back here for new 'behind the scenes' episodes and updates!

Have fun, laugh, and be sure to check out OUR CAUSE!

COF EP (7) Time To Record!

The Robot Meets B2K!

The Robot dislikes celebrities, watch as a cameraman sees the Robot deny B2K member Raz!


Due to the recent hack of 'Zeldo.' The Couple of Friends Team has unanimously decided to extend the voting until May 1st. Rather than disqualifying 'Zeldo,' we have included him in the contest. Enjoy...

RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan Loves COF!

Guess who loves 'Couple of Friends?' RZA from the Wu-Tang clan showed up to show his support.

COF EP (6) The Crew Meets the Host!

The 'Couple of Friends' team meets the Host, or so they think.....


Artist: Zeldo
Song: "HAX"


COF EP (5) Erika America meets the crew!

Erika America meets the 'Couple of Friends' crew.

COF EP (4) "Genuine" Behind the Scenes!

Watch the 'behind the scenes' footage from Paul Jone's 'Genuine' music video!

COF EP (3) Paul Jones Meets 'Couple of Friends'!

Paul Jones and his manager meet the 'Couple of Friends' crew.

Episode Two! The Alien Arrives!

The Alien meets MC Squared and the Robot at the first official 'Couple of Friends' meeting.

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